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What we do

MyAfricaMedia is a digital solutions agency with high expertise in software development solutions and media. We deal with IT Development related issues and provide high quality solutions and we deliver on the agreed period with the expected solution to our clients. We also specialise in brand activations and focus on excellence with the goal to please our clients.

Our Vision

We strive to be the best IT solutions company in Africa, while we see this a simple goal, we know and understand that it is not an easy feat and we see the future in an innovative outlook, we are client focused, We target the elevation of our clients businesses into the technological age and your growth as a business is our growth as we partner with you as a client, we see our Entity as a revolution to evolutionize the African tech world, we want to bring a connection to our clients that’s missing we give you the world without borders we believe in the information age.

Our Mission

Our primary mission is to give the best IT related solutions be it web or mobile in Africa for any business of any size from all spheres of all industries, we want to open the market for a new ways of doing business by strategising on the weakness and strengths of business and give it a greater position compared to our clients competition.

Solutions Oriented

GLOBAL SOLUTIONS :We create solutions that empower businesses to have a strategic advantage of doing business locally and internationally. Our clients can reach their own strategic goals and we emphasise on our creative approach to break boundaries and create new frontiers.

DIGITAL FOOT PRINT:We are professional in our approach and our digital solutions are tailor made for all sizes of business with the goal of building strong working relationships and also maximising value.

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Solutions Oriented


Our alignment to software design for your business is scalable, direct and simple. We assess the entity’s individual needs, scale it and provide a process for the software need. What makes us unique is simplicity in design, we provide solutions for both web based and mobile applications. We are proficient in number of latest technologies and constantly working with new platforms. Grow quickly with us.


We have a great graphic design team that help your business to look the best both online and offline. We offer solutions focused on graphic designs of any nature without limiting a client’s needs, we also offer photography, film and animation.


Marketing is in our core beliefs that every business needs to be marketed well enough to its unique target audience and normally most start-up and medium enterprises don’t invest enough in attracting clients through marketing initiatives. We have a strategic model to which we guide and help business and clients to better improve their business footprint in the digital sense. We implement a full marketing strategic approach for all businesses in all industries looking at a tailor made marketing strategy.


We provide an e-commerce solution based platform that empowers your ability to run and manage your business online. We develop the system with the client’s need in mind. Our solutions based approach is for any business that is ready and willing to be online and get access to over a thousand online customers.

Corporate Social Investmet

What does Corporate Social Investment do in a business? It builds trust and builds a nation; it creates a wide spread sense of positive growth especially when a business addresses the social ills of a country which in turn will increase brand value to any business. This is what we believe in and we aspire and strategise with clients on how to correctly use CSI for the benefit of business and the community at large.

Public Relations Management

Public relations is part of our core focus in business as we manage the outlook of a brand and company and come up with unique consolidated solutions that can manage and help the brand.

A reputation of a brand is very important and needs to be constantly monitored through PR initiatives in order to remain in the positive light. We assist your brand with PR initiatives that seek to align your goods and services with the correct target audience.


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